Foresight PV Query 1.3 Released for Argus MT Support

5 December 2016 By

December 2016. Foresight is pleased to announce the release of Foresight® PV Query (PVQ) Standard Version 1.3.0. With this release PVQ Standard now supports Argus multi-tenant, which enables PVQ to report against multiple tenants hosted in same Argus 8.x instance.

Key improvements are:
  • Multi-tenant support
  • Tenant replication feature just like Argus to avoid manual tenant setup
  • Automated User Management with a separate module
  • Query results preview feature
  • More out of box templates to address common reporting needs
  • Updated Standard Reports to make those more usable
  • Bulk PVQ configuration export for archival/reconciliation

Foresight® PV Query v1.3 works for both single and multi-tenant versions of Argus.