Codex MedDRA Up-Versioning For Large Japanese HQ Pharma

28 April 2016 By

April 2016.  A large Japanese HQ company has purchased Foresight’s Codex MedDRA Up-Versioning tool to be implemented against their Argus system hosted in the Foresight® Cloud.  Foresight will implement the Codex tool within approximately 45 days.

Foresight® Codex Up-Version is a MedDRA up-versioning tool for Argus SafetyTM that provides a robust solution for companies that need to up-version MedDRA/MedDRA J coded terms in Oracle Argus Safety™ to new dictionary versions. The tool supports a proven workflow built around industry best practices for analyzing, reviewing/updating, and batch up-versioning MedDRA coded terms using a friendly web- based interface.