Foresight® Cloud Tops 20 Customers

1 June 2015 By

June 2015.  Foresight is proud to announce having over twenty (20) companies for production hosting of safety systems within the Foresight® Cloud – and over 30 contracted to be live by the end of 2015.  Foresight began hosting in 2009 for our proprietary PV compliance monitoring and CAPA management system PV Monitor®, and then expanded our hosting and managed services in 2013 to include Argus Safety hosting and managed services within our three (3) geographically redundant, validated and safe harbor certified data centers in the United States, Switzerland and Germany.  We uniquely provide up to 24 x 7 service desk in both English and Japanese for both functional and technical issues.

Foresight provides services to companies of all sizes, types and regions.  Within the Foresight® Cloud, we have companies in production that are headquartered in the United States, Europe (multiple countries), India and Japan.  Of the 20+ companies:

  • 40% are small to medium sized businesses (SMB) with annual revenue under $500 million
  • 29% are midsized companies with annual revenue $500 million to $1 billion
  • 31% are large companies with annual revenue over $1 billion
  • Process approximately 75,000 cases per year
  • Approximately 1000 users worldwide
  • Over 650,000 total legacy cases
  • 5 top 30 companies using PV Monitor®
  • Multiple companies with Foresight® PV Query (PVQ) – and several also on premise for PVQ
  • Multiple companies with Foresight® Codex MedDRA Up-versioning
  • Multiple Argus Multi-tenant instances supporting multiple CROs
  • E2B reporting to all health authorities supporting E2B — including the PMDA
  • 20% are headquartered in Japan
  • Foresight has been audited 29 times in the past four years — including several periodic re-inspections.  We have had zero critical findings and have passed every audit
  • By the end of 2015 Foresight will have over 30 customers with over 1300 users, over 104,000 new cases per year and over 950,000 legacy cases

In addition to providing hosting and managed services, Foresight also provides managed services for companies with on premise safety systems (Argus, Argus J, custom PV data marts, and Foresight® PV Query).  Foresight currently is providing managed services for approximately ten (10) companies for their on premise systems in the US, Europe and Japan in both English and Japanese.

Many of our customers are also using the Foresight® Cloud for hosting of their sandbox and development environments during implementation projects and after go live as an accelerator.  Foresight provides secure, reliable and cost effective development environments to customers implementing on premise or in the Oracle Cloud.