Codex Up-version for Argus 8 Released

31 March 2016 By

March 2016.  Foresight is pleased to announce the release of Foresight Codex Up-version 8 which adds support for Argus SafetyTM v8.x.  This new version includes a number of upgrades and enhancements, highlighted below:

  • Support for Argus Safety versions 7.0.2 through 8.0.1
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 for the web application server
  • Support for Oracle 11g and 12c databases
  • New Data Types for up-versioning: Event Group Terms and Vaccine Prior AE (Vaccine Prior AE in Argus 8.x only)
  • Improved algorithm logic for handling non-current English and Japanese LLT term changes
  • Improved status and progress information displayed during analysis and up-version batch operations
  • Improved auditing of changes to Argus Configuration (console) data
  • New reports detailing Datasheet PT changes and Japanese LLT changes
  • User Interface/User Experience enhancements including the ability to search for Terms/LLTs on Rule Management screen
  • Systemic performance improvements for sessions with a large numbers of up-versioning rule