Foresight E2B (R3) Solution for Argus 6, 7 & 8

26 February 2016 By

February 2016.  Foresight is pleased to announce solutions for Argus 6, 7 and 8 for supporting E2B R3 requirements.

  • For companies on Argus 6 or 7 that require the ability to receive E2B R3 files from the EMA by the middle of 2017, Foresight can easily add the required configuration extension to your existing Argus system
    • No bolt-on solutions are required
    • An E2B+ profile will be added within Argus
      • A simple interface based upon the EMA published BFC XSLT rules is used within Argus to convert R2 files to R3 and vice versa
      • The R3 source file is stored as an attachment to the case within Argus
    • Our solution allows you to easily upgrade to Argus 8.x in the future with no data loss and no need for a costly data migration from the external database of a 3rd party bolt-on R2-R3 application
  • For companies upgrading or implementing Argus 8.1 to meet the July 2017 EMA requirements, that version of the Argus system will have the required E2B R3 fields and proper field lengths to accommodate R3 longer fields as well as the ability to send E2B R3 files
    • Foresight will implement the E2B profiles required within Argus to support importing E2B R3 files — taking advantage of standard out of the box features of Argus
    • This allows many companies to implement Argus 8.1 — meeting the EMA July 2017 requirement, realizing the benefits of new features in Argus 8.x instead of waiting the better part of another year for a future release of Argus, and eliminating the need for a fix to your existing system to meet the EMA requirements
    • Companies implementing Argus 8.1 with the Foresight fix will not need to upgrade again to address this issue
  • A future version of Argus may meet all the E2B R3 requirements for sending and receiving R3 files, but there is no announced release date

For more information on how we can address your E2B R3 requirements cost effectively and without any external E2B R2/R3 bolt-on applications, please contact us.