Live with 4th Top 20 on Argus/Argus J

30 September 2014 By

September 2014. Foresight is proud to announce going live with Argus and Argus J for a fourth Top 20 global pharmaceutical company. The company is live with Argus SafetyTM as a single safety system used by both Global and Japan in a single integrated system and workflow.  Foresight was responsible for management in the US, EU, India and Japan, configuration of both global and Japan, data migration from the global custom system with millions of legacy cases and the Japanese Perceive safety system, E2B reporting to the PMDA, other health authorities and license partners, custom reports in Japanese and English, large portions of validation (including Japan),  for business transformation services (Global-Japan process, training in both English and Japanese), the Argus/Argus J portions of numerous system interfaces, and deployment management.

This represents the 4th successful implementation of a single integrated Global – Japan implementation of Argus and Argus J for a Top 10 company by Foresight since December 2013. The implementation for another Top 20 global pharmaceutical company went live in December 2013 followed by 2nd Top 20 company in April 2014 and another Top 20 company in June 2014.  All companies are also live with E2B reporting to the PMDA. In addition, Foresight is presently scheduled to go live with two more Argus J implementations in 4Q 2014 for Top 50 companies (both from Perceive), is implementing Argus/Argus J as a single database for a Top 50 Japanese HQ company in the Foresight Cloud (providing hosting and managed services), is scheduled to go live with a Top 50 Japanese HQ company on Argus in November 2014 in the Foresight Cloud (hosting and managed services), and live with Argus for another Top 50 Japanese HQ company in December 2014.