Live with Hosted Argus J for Top 50

30 January 2016 By

January 2016.  Foresight is pleased to announce going live with Argus J and PV Query Japan (PVQ J)  for a Top 50 Pharmaceutical company in the Foresight® Cloud.  The company previously went live with Argus 7.x hosted by Foresight in 2015 for their global operations.  Phase 2 of the project was to add Argus J as part of a single integrated system and workflow used by Global and Japan.

Foresight was engaged to perform a full scope implementation which included program management, configuration, business process design, SOPs, data migration, reports, validation, training and deployment.  Foresight is also engaged to perform hosting and safety management services in both English and Japanese, including application management to maintain and sustain the business and technical configuration of the system.