Live With Hosted Argus for Midsize Company

16 February 2016 By

February 2016. Foresight is pleased to announce going live for a midsized US based pharmaceutical company in the Foresight® Cloud. The system is hosted in Foresight’s US data center with disaster recovery via our European data centers.  Foresight will provide full hosting and safety management services, including application management services to maintain and sustain the configuration of the system plus answer technical and functional questions from IT and business users.

This project included moving an existing Argus system from another vendor to the Foresight® Cloud and performing an upgrade from Argus 7.0.3 to 7.0.4 as well as an Argus Insight move and upgrade. In addition, Foresight also created four (4) new custom reports that the customer will access using Insight/OBIEE. The project was completed in approximately 4 months — including the holiday period.

Foresight presently has over thirty (30) companies in production with Argus and/or Argus J in the Foresight® Cloud