Foresight® Cloud Solutions

Foresight provides hosting and safety management services for safety solutions to our customers via our validated, state of the art SSAE 16 data centers in the United States, Switzerland and Germany supported by a worldwide service desk in both English and Japanese.


Each of our data centers are designed for high availability and are also connected by a WAN, enabling each to serve as a disaster recovery site for the others.  Customers choose either the US or Swiss data center as the primary data center.  Solutions hosted in the Foresight® Cloud are able to meet the most stringent RPO and RTO requirements for backup and disaster recovery.

For our EU based customers, Foresight is Safe Harbor Certified and is able to meet the most stringent EU data privacy requirements by utilizing our Frankfurt data center for disaster recovery for the Swiss data center — thus never storing any data in our US data center.

Foresight offers customers maximum flexibility to host any combination of bespoke and commercial systems in the Foresight® Cloud.  This enables customers to use best of breed solutions (e.g., Oracle Argus SafetyTM integrated with Medidata Rave®) and the ability to leverage critical in-house skills such as a using Cognos or Business Objects for reporting.

Foresight® Cloud customers also have maximum security and configuration flexibility.  Customers each have their own environments, unique application configuration, and can have direct access to underlying databases with tools such as ToadTM.  To ensure high performance and security, the Foresight® Cloud also uses Citrix.

Foresight has extensive experience with hosting safety solutions – experience you can trust:
  • Former CIO with 10 years experience hosting over 20 instances of Argus SafetyTM at a CRO
  • Former CIO with 5 years experience hosting over 20 instances Empira Trace at a CRO
  • Manager of hosting and managed services was head of operations for a CRO hosting over 20 instances of Argus SafetyTM
  • Hosting PV Monitor® for over four years  (currently used by 4 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the US, EU and Japan)

Safety Management Services

Foresight provides a full range of managed services for solutions hosted in the Foresight® Cloud, Oracle Cloud or on premise.

Managed Services


Application Management Services

For Argus SafetyTM, Foresight uniquely provides a full range of services required to maintain and sustain your system no matter where it is hosted.  Maintenance of a safety system requires a combination of technical and business skills.  Some of the unique services provided by Foresight are:

  • Maintenance of the products, studies and licenses
  • Design and implementation of workflow changes
  • E2B partner configuration — for both reporting and importing
  • Dictionary maintenance – using our proprietary Foresight® Codex Up Version tool for MedDRA upgrades
  • Maintenance of custom reports
  • Ad hoc queries
  • Argus and Argus J (English and Japanese)

Service Desk

Foresight has the ability to take service requests in both English and Japanese on-line via our Service Desk system, via e-mail or telephone.  With offices and full-time functional and technical employees in the US, EU, India and Japan, Foresight can provide 24 x 7 coverage if required.