Data Migration

Foresight has successfully performed 50+ data migrations over the past 10 years from each of the major global and Japanese safety systems – including Oracle AERS, Clintrace, Empirca Trace, ARISg, ARISj, Perceive, H-P Clinical Works, Custom and Argus into Argus, Argus J, ARISg and Oracle AERS for a few as 1000 cases and as many as 3 million cases. Every member of Foresight’s data migration project teams have worked on previous data migration projects.

Foresight’s unique and proven approach to data migrations allows for rapid yet cost-effective migrations and has passed every regulatory inspection without any major findings. Our data migration methodology has been used by multiple companies in response to warning letters with major findings from previous failed data migrations.  We leverage our global delivery model and a configurable and reusable data migration engine to reduce delivery timelines and implementation costs.

Core Approach:

  • Analyze the destination and source databases to determine the best migration approach and to identify data quality issues
  • Define the business rules for the data migration in close collaboration with the end user community
  • When migrating from both global and Japanese sources, we employ a master data principle to govern how duplicate cases are merged
  • Emphasize consistency and integrity during transformation code development
  • Collaborate with business users to decide the mappings
  • Perform data mapping between safety databases to reveal issues that need to be resolved
  • Create all validation documentation
  • Maximize Data Quality
  • Execute Verification using our proven approach
  • Perform the migration with minimal downtime for the production environment