Top 50 Live on Argus in Foresight Cloud

22 June 2015 By

June 2015.  Foresight is proud to announce going live with another Top 50 pharmaceutical company on Argus 7.x and Foresight® PV Query hosted and supported in the Foresight® Cloud.  In addition to hosting, Foresight will be providing safety management services (IT Operations Management, Service Desk and Application Management) globally.

The project was completed on a very aggressive schedule to replace an on premise Aris Global safety system with a new Argus system comprised of Argus, Argus Affiliate, Argus Interchange and Foresight® PV Query (PVQ).  Foresight performed all services: program management, business transformation (process, SOPs, training), configuration, data migration from ARISgTM to Argus, reporting and analytics, E2B, interfaces, validation and deployment.  In parallel Foresight is implementing Argus J which will be live in 4Q 2015/1 Q 2016 as part of a single integrated safety system for both global and Japan.

This represents the 3rd top 50 pharmaceutical company live with Argus hosted in the Foresight® Cloud, two of which also are live with PVQ — and the 3rd is currently implementing PVQ.  In addition, Foresight is contracted with two additional top 50 pharmaceutical companies for Argus hosting.